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Dine With Us

Gaji Restaurant

At Gaji hotel, we adopt an inventive strategy to restaurants that place accentuation on intentionally sourced fixings and praise the plenitude of nature with sound food and appreciate current Korean cooking at the eatery. Joining the best of customary cooking with culinary ideas from everywhere in the world, the eateries at Gaji hotel offers delicious foods to browse. Enjoy an assortment of world gastronomy arranged in our eateries by experienced and acclaimed gourmet specialists.

Serving Best Korean food in Jaisalmer

Much the same as the history of Korean cooking has advanced along with its kin, culture, and convention, Gaji Restaurant has developed keeping its unique taste of Korea. Gaji Restaurant focuses on making pleasant and great Korean food that mark taste with keeping its authentic taste. Reflecting genuine Korean culture, while accepting the inclination of nearby taste is significant.

Our owner itself has worked in a Korean restaurant for many years and knows how to make scrumptious Korean food. Serving delicious Korean food with the first taste, we keep on contributing the most legitimate culinary joy and particularly made Korean dishes.

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